Friday, May 04, 2007

I am totally Jinxed

jinx n.
1. A person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck.
2. A condition or period of bad luck that appears to have been caused by a specific person or thing.

I'm wondering who has put some kind of jinx on me. I dont know how much more I can take. Someone is definately trying my patience! Let me live please!!!!! SIGH!! Okay heres the story:

I drove out of my work car park yesterday. Stopped at the mini roundabout. And.... SMASH. Some Dimwit drove into the back of me. AGAIN. I have only 1 week ago, got the car sorted properly and was just getting comfortable with it all again since the accident in September. So much more hassle and inconvenience. He didnt even realise he did it. I didnt think he was insured and I dont think he fully comprehended the situation. He was vague and didnt speak much English. He looked at his car and started kicking it!! I told him it wasnt his cars fault he was the one driving. Note how it was another HE. And men have a go at women about their driving!! Thats the 4th time I have been in an accident where someone hit me from behind. 2 times in this car, once in my very first car I had and once when I was in my mums car. Each time a Man was driving the other car!!! Its true when they say its not your own driving you have to worry about its other peoples. They simply need to OPEN THEIR DAMN EYES.

I hurt quite badly yesterday - I think it was mostly from shock and I feel fine today. (Thankfully) I have a wedding, meeting my uncle and holiday and dance holiday all to be prepared for over the next 3 weeks - I couldnt go through all that pain again.

I thankfully have CCTV footage of the incident at work. You can see the guy kicking his car etc. Looks like he might have stalled the car which is why he hit me! Nightmare. There is only superficial damage but even so its got to go the garage etc. RAH!!!!

I didnt have a good day yesterday! I had no time to stop for lunch as I was very busy, I hit my elbow on a folder which was funny at the time but hurt like hell ever since and I now have a deliciously large purple bruise!! I hope that goes quickly! Then I bashed my knee on the door. Then when I got home I inadvertently ate something which contained peanut butter!!! With my peanut alergy the second it touched my mouth I knew what it was! My tongue swole up and I had to take my inhaler loads along with some anti inflamatories!!!

What ever will happen next!?


LesleMora said...

Oy girlfriend! I'm sending GOOD VIBES your way! ((hugs))

Greta said...

bad things come in 3's...hopefully you are over it!!!!